These Baby Succulents Are Awesome!

Succulents are starting to become more and more popular, as they look adorable and are easy to take care of. They come in so many shapes and colors that you can never get tired of them.

Did you know that you can also buy tiny baby succulents that come in a wide variety of colors? You can even purchase them over Etsy and arrange them at home in small glasses or terrariums. At first glance, these baby succulents look like they are not real, but once you feel them in your hands you’ll see that they are the real deal.

There are several packs on Etsy from which you can choose, but the standard one contains 12 baby succulents and costs only $25. You’ll find these in the shop named QueenofSucculents.

Make sure you plant the tiny succulents in dry soil and they will start growing after 3 weeks. Such a great investment and your home will look adorable.

12 Baby Succulents Cuttings

You will receive 12 colorful baby succulents. Each set is unique but they are always colorful!

These are available HERE…

A Baby Succulent Sign

Find it HERE…

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