These Free Crochet Patterns Will Help You Give Your Home A More Personalized Look


Crocheting is not limited to only a few items that are known to be made with this technique. You can actually crochet lots of things, besides gloves, sweaters and scarves. On the following link, you will find a selection of 10 items that you can crochet and use as a design element in your home. For instance, you can make some beautiful crochet Mason jar covers that will help you create a cozy ambiance in your room. Or you can crochet a comfy floor pouf and use it as a chair or as a footstool. And what we forgot to mention is that you can find free patterns for each of these projects on the link below. Really cool, right? So just buy some crochet needles and yarn and start working on your next project.

1.Mason Jar Cover Crochet Pattern

mason-jar-cozy-daynight-1 Thanks to Fondrari for this wonderful tutorial. I really love it…more details here…

2. DIY Amigurumi Crochet Kawaii Cactus

3. Pattern square crochet basket

pattern-square-basket-pinterest more details here…

4. Crochet Elephant Rug

Crochet Elephant Rug more details here…

5. Crocheted lampshade — free pattern

lampshade more details here…

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