These Modern Dog Houses Are Adorably Stylish

Nowadays pets tend to live in equally or even more luxurious conditions then their owners. That’s because people want the best for their little friends and more and more stores sell pet accessories or furniture. If you have a large backyard and are thinking about rebuilding your dog’s house, why not do something edgy and interesting? You could build your dog a beautiful and stylish dog house, that would offer him protection and comfort in any weather. Southern California-based designers, Alejandro and Sara Pijuan, make the coolest dog homes ever! They are the owners of PDW (Pijuan Design Workshop) and they make two models of modern dog houses, called the Dog Re-Treat and Woof Ranch. Their designs look exactly like tiny mansions, but built for our four-legged friends, and have a roof, a window and even a covered deck where you dog can sit in case of rainy weather.

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