They Started With 3 Off-Grid Tiny Houses And Now They Have Hundreds

Off-the-grid living is still very popular, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which made a lot of people reconsider their lifestyle and move to the countryside. Besides lower living costs, off-the-grid houses can also offer more intimacy and a more peaceful living, away from the rush of big city life.

The concept of Getaway House started with 3 tiny homes, set up in different locations on the East Coast, providing private houses in the heart of nature, without access to the Internet.

The company is now expanding and they are planning to set up 800 tiny houses in 16 different locations, and the latest opened in Moodus, CT.
The project’s founding fathers are Jon Staff and his dad and their concept cabins proved to be very popular. All of Getaway House’s cabins feature a 2 person queen bed or a loft for 4 people, a little kitchenette, a shower, and a toilet, and an outdoor firepit.
Once you arrive at the house, there is a lockbox in which you put all your technical devices and disconnect from everything, and relax surrounded by peace and quiet.
Take a look at the pictures presenting the Getaway House concept, they do look lovely, don’t they?


Images via Natalie C. McKee Images via Natalie C. McKee

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