This 1.5-Mile Hike In North Carolina Will Lead You To An Emerald Green Pool & Waterfall

North Carolina has a hidden gem and it only takes a hike to discover it. It is a beautiful green ooze with a hidden waterfall and is called Midnight Hole.
You can find this amazing place in the Smoky Mountains and it is the perfect getaway if you want to relax and avoid big crowds. You can hop into your car, have a nice hike on a hot day and the reward will be waiting for you at the end of the trail in the form of emerald green waters.
There is even a trail on which you can go, to make the hike easier and it is called Big Creek Trail and it will take you 1.5 miles to reach the lagoon.
Once you’re there, you can jump into the water and enjoy a nice swim all afternoon and the pictures taken by other hikers truly speak for themselves.
Midnight Hole is surrounded by large boulders and it is safe to jump from them right into the water, but you can also choose to just down for a picnic and listen to the sound of nature. Such a relaxing weekend activity!


The huge boulders that surround Midnight Hole are perfect for jumping off of into the cool water or for just relaxing and to have a picnic on.

Midnight Hole

Price: Free
Address: Mouse Creek Falls, Cataloochee, NC
Why You Need To Go: This trail will lead you to a huge emerald green pool with a waterfall.

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