This Barn Home Is Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

The Barn home at The Last Ranch is a very impressive log cabin, thanks to its size and interior. The construction of the Barn started in 2010 and the outcome is an amazing wooden barn that can serve perfectly as space for celebrating birthdays and events with family and friends.
What makes the Barn so special are all the details that were used in the design, such as the entry doors from Portland Millworks and the Brazilian hardwood used in finishing the horse stalls. The piece de resistance is the custom-made cupola, one that has automated windows and a unique copper weathervane. DC Builders are the ones responsible for the construction and according to the owner they did a great job on every level, and this can be seen by only looking at the pictures.
They aimed to make a barn that is both functional and classy, something that you can’t always say about a traditional barn. DC Builders is specialized in these types of projects and they travel across the country to build barns whenever their help is solicited.
Taking a look inside, you will notice that the barn is fully equipped, feature bunk beds for guests and even an entertainment area with a pool table. What more can you ask from a barn in the middle of nature?

More about this story can be found at: DC Builders Nationwide

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