This Crochet Egg Apron Helps You Carry Tons Of Eggs, Perfect For Chicken Owners

If you raise chickens in your yard, then you surely have access to fresh eggs all year long. But how do you collect the eggs and where do you store them until you reach the kitchen?
If you’re looking for a fun way to temporarily store the eggs, then this crochet egg apron will do a great job. It can safely hold up to 19 eggs at the same time and will be so much fun to make. This is also a very cute gift idea for a friend or family member who has a small chicken farm.
The apron is called the Egg-Celent Apron, such a great name, and you can buy the crochet pattern online if you feel crafty and want to crochet it yourself.
The pattern was made by Heart Hook Homes, an online shop specialized in custom patterns and besides this apron, the shop also features patterns for jackets, blankets, slippers and many more. To make the apron at home, you’ll need a size J crochet hook, a needle for sewing, bobby pins and 725 yards of cotton blend.
And if you don’t feel crafty enough to make the apron from scratch, you can always buy a ready-made on from one of the Etsy shops that sell egg aprons.

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