This Flawlessly Detailed Tiny Replica of Seinfeld’s Apartment Can Be Yours

One of the most iconic apartments that have ever been on TV can be yours! Alright, it’s not the actual apartment, only a miniature version of it but we’re talking about the apartment from Seinfeld here. How cool is that, right? The tiny replica of this apartment was recreated in detail and it is a 1:26-scale replica of Jerry Seinfeld’s place and measure 16 inches. It has everything, from the living room, the kitchen, the iconic couch and even a tiny door that will make you wonder if Kramer will ever enter the room in style. The miniature includes a total of 100 elements, among them plates, cups and an Apple Macintosh. The materials used for making this model are wood, metal, plastic and several types of fabrics.. So if you’re a huge Seinfeld fan and want to know more about this cool replica, head to the link below and order it right away.

Seinfeld TV Series Apartment Replica – Art Collectible

Add a unique conversational piece to your home or office with this hand numbered, fine-art miniature replica of one of the most highly recognized and beloved TV show sets in pop-culture history.

Find it HERE…

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