Camp on Water with this Floating Tent

Isolation and remote holidays will be the new trend this year, considering the current situation and the impact of COVID-19.

So instead of spending a fortune on exotic destinations, this year many people will go back to hiking and camping. Investing in a tent might be the right moment, but if you are looking for total peace and isolation, a floating tent would be the best option. Just imagine how great it would be to float on the water all day and all night.

The tent is called the Shoal Tent and it will allow you to camp on the water, just make sure you choose a safe spot. It can be purchased from the Smithfly’s website and according to its description “70% of the earth is covered with water, now you camp on it!” it can be used both on rivers and even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

This sounds a bit too dangerous, but it seems that this tent has gained a lot of attention as it has been sold out for quite a while now and people are waiting for the stock to be refilled.

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