This Happy Camper Playhouse Is Adorable

Camping has been an all American tradition for more than the last century. Whether we took a camper, RV or just the family station wagon or van, many of us can relate to roughing it out with the family, for better or for worse at some point in our past. I though that I would have a take at turning that tradition into a tangible playhouse.

Based on the 50s style stainless steel campers, this 6×10 and 8×15 plans are a colorful and captivating trailer fit for the kid who loves the outdoors. If you want your children to experience glamping to it’s full potential, this is it. If you’re looking to keep the inside dry too, make sure to use a rubber based coating before you paint.  Get the plan of this Happy Camper Playhouse in the link below…

Source: Paul’s Playhouses

Source: Paul’s Playhouses

Happy Camper Playhouse Plan  by Pauls Playhouses


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