This Image of the Total Eclipse Is Called “History’s Most Amazing Photo”

Many great photos manage to write history once published, and this one of a total eclipse is from this category.

The total eclipse from 2017 that was visible in America, was caught on camera by Jon Carmichael, who spent years to come up with the perfect plan for this unique moment. He started studying the eclipse’s path in advance and concluded that Southwest Airline’s flight from Portland to St. Louis was the place to be.
He managed to buy a window seat ticket on the day of this major event and after sharing his plan with the pilot everything went smoothly. Being impressed by Carmichael’s determination, the pilot decided to circle a few times in the air so every passenger can witness the amazing phenomena. Carmichael prepared his camera for the big moment and captured 1,200 imagines in only 2 minutes and the result is the stunning picture of the total eclipse over the Snake River.
It is so rare that something so beautiful and transitory is caught on camera, that Carmichael felt very lucky and privileged to be able to see his dream come true. You can say that the planets have aligned in every sense.

Once he explained his mission to the flight crew, the captain cleaned his window to ensure he’d have a crystal clear shot.

From his window seat, Carmichael had the perfect view and was able to take 1,200 photos during the eclipse.

The Great American eclipse from 39,000 feet.

Jon Carmichael: Website | Facebook

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