This Little House Looks Like a Mushroom

Wishing to grow up in Wonderland does come with its benefits: when you do grow up you can actually make the Wonderland to live in. This little house is an example of that. Hidden in the hills of British Columbia, the mushroom-looking home has lots of surprise in store. The interior design has a minimalistic approach but also features lots of design elements which will welcome you into a fairytale universe. Organic lines used throughout, in the kitchen, in the living and in the staircase. The use of wood makes it feel natural inside and plenty of windows, oval windows for that matter, gives the entire design a good feel. Just look at the photos to convince yourself.

More ideas:

This cottage is a welcoming and cozy retreat hand sculpted of local, sustainable natural materials located on a lovely acreage with sheep, gardens and orchards…More details here…

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