This Man Built The World’s Smallest Campervan – with a 4ft living space.


There are campers, tiny campers and then there is the tiniest camper of them all, nicknamed the “cramper van”. Andy Saunders is a mechanic from Dorset who built the world tiniest camper that has only a 4ft living space and has enough space for 4 seats, a sink, a stove, one table and a small bed. Sounds pretty unbelievable, right? The “cramper van” is the successful combo of an old Bedford Bambi van and a Butlins-style pedal cart and it really is one of a kind. The entire cost of this tiny but cozy camper was around £1,000 as Andy had to purchase some building materials and it only took him 2 weeks to finish his project. What do you think ? It’s enough for you ?




Andy said: “We think our mini camper is the smallest camper in the world. I
certainly don’t know of anything else smaller.
“The Bedford Bambi was the smallest camper van ever made, and we’ve shaved
about 6ft off that.”

via: thesun

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