This Prefab Cabin Was Built in 10 Days For Only $77,000

This cabin is a modular prefab home designed by Bio Architects. The total size of this house is 1,162-sq-ft and what makes this design so unique are its low construction costs as the materials used are mostly metal, glass and barn board. These prefab homes incorporate remade modular parts and the designs vary from 280 square feet to 1,400 sq ft cabins with prices between $23,00 and $100,000. The cabin from the pictures was built in only 10 days at a total cost of $77,000 and it is now the property of a family who needed a large, but welcoming a modern cabin. Thanks to the large windows of surrounding the entire cabin and natural colors used in its design, the cabin looks bright and cozy.

Inside area: 110m2
Area of veranda – 33m2
Area of terraces – 30m2
Total area – 173m2

All modules were prefabricated at Dubldom production in Kazan and arrived at the site together with the interior trim, hidden utilities, furniture and electrical equipment inside. Installation work took about 10 days with minimal disruption to the site and the environment.

We plan to organize manufacturing in US, and be able to deliver our houses in Q3-Q4 2017. Price will be around 160$ per sq ft. If you are interested, please leave us your email address, city and state, model of DublDom. We’ll keep you updated on our progress. e-mail: [email protected]

source: dubldom

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  1. steven durand says:

    I am interested in your designs

  2. Josh Stelzmiller says:

    Very interested!!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Please keep me updated on your progress is producing homes in the U.S. I would Also like to see the other floor plans.

  4. Jackie says:

    Is these cabins available in the UK? I have the land just need the cabin – can build it ourselves if theckit was available – please!

  5. Barry Webb says:

    Very interested in theses

  6. Rachael says:

    Wonder how much this would be to ship to the UK?

  7. Shev Brown says:

    More info about this cabin would love it I got a bit of land for it to go on

  8. dean says:

    do. you build this kind of houses also in europ?
    regards , dean

  9. Marjon Parson says:

    Do you ship and built in Europe as well?

  10. Christian Zepke says:

    We would need a house about 300 qf in Austria, Europe

  11. Jillie says:

    Keep me posted

  12. Earnest says:

    Interested in projects in the Georgia and Alabama area USA.

  13. Darron Berry says:

    Please keep me updated. I’m in United States. Are there other floor plans?

  14. Diane Thompson says:

    Very interested in these designs period would be interested in sales and promotion.

  15. Stephen Heilker says:

    I will buy a pre-Fab from some company within the next 2 years. Retirement next year, downsizing, using equity to become debt free on a few acres. Interested in 900 square feet or slightly less. Also have desire for porches, portico, adjoining landscape.

  16. Samantha says:

    What about Australia?

  17. Peggy Zemba says:

    Very interested in more information!!! Beautiful!

  18. Triscia PK says:

    Am interested in your design!

  19. Marika says:

    I’m very interested. Do you ship to Canada, BC?

  20. Scarlett Florez says:

    Interested in your designs

  21. Frenchy says:

    Love it

  22. Josh Smith says:

    Please let me know when you offer this in the US.

  23. Adam Pardy says:

    Very interested in living in a cabin like this while I build my family our dream home in the Colorado Rockies.

  24. Graham Holmes says:

    If available in England could you keep me informed please

  25. Alex says:

    Why so much more expensive per sq ft in the US ?

  26. Shannon konoval says:

    I’m very interested please email me. Info.

  27. Louise says: ship to CANADA?

  28. Brandon Porter says:

    Interested in more information. Will your design hold up in an Alaskan winter? It gets a little chilly up here.

  29. SK says:

    Interested in building a 1200 sqft 3 BR, 2 bath house in CA

  30. Kathy allen says:

    I would like more information please.

  31. venus says:

    I am moving to Oregon at the end of may 2017, I will be renting a room near the college there until I find a place to plant roots, (land) —- I will be very interested in a home like this!

  32. Matthew says:

    Very interested

  33. Sheryl Seay says:

    Updated please

  34. Fances Barnsley says:

    I’m in nz. Can I have it delivered?

  35. Kayce says:

    Very interested. Can this be completed in New Zealand?

  36. Jennifer Griffith says:

    Love this! Interested in additional information for US location.

  37. Tracy McClean says:

    We are in Orange County NY
    I would love something like this
    Definitely interested and have 2 dogs 1 cat
    Husband and child and my mother eventually may move in

  38. Phillip Rehman says:

    I would be interested in marketing these in the western US. I would also be interested in purchasing a large unit for myself.

  39. Danielle.Beeson says:

    built in Russia? Is it available in any European country?

  40. Danielle Aamodt says:

    Love it

  41. Jeff says:

    I’m interested!
    Philadelphia PA

  42. Catherine says:

    Keep me posted.

  43. Jon ludwig says:

    Excellent use of space and materials.

  44. Larry Sabin says:

    Are those glass windows bear proof?

  45. Vikki Rawls says:

    Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center may be interested!

  46. Dave Walters says:

    Very interested in these module’s

  47. jeff says:

    wait. $160 per sq ft? that must be a typo. that would make a 1500 sq ft house cost 240k, plus the property. something not right.

  48. Carol-Lynn says:

    Do you ship, assemble in Canada (Ontario)?
    Absolutely awesome!

  49. Micha says:

    This looks amazing, especially for the price.

  50. Janice Ridge says:

    Love this design.. Would be very interested in more info… North Carolina

  51. Virginia Graydon says:

    Edisto Island, SC. 29438

    Info ease

  52. Donna says:

    I am interested, I live in Colorado, US.

  53. Pat says:

    We Like the architecture / design and all but not understanding the math
    price per square foot for the teaser home is approx. $62psf based on this post
    at $70k a 1162sqf house is $61 The listing for future US deliveries is at $160psf?
    All of a sudden a $70k house design is $186k
    What am I missing?

  54. Moree says:

    Would love to know when you make it to the states & South Carolina. I think it’s great!

  55. Amy says:

    This is exactly what we are looking for!

  56. A. Winklee says:

    Interested in plans for beach cottage in u.s.

  57. Jerry Piacentini says:

    Interested. .

  58. Bll says:

    $77,000 and 1162 sq.ft isn’t $160 per sq.ft. something doesn’t add up.

  59. Carly says:

    Pls add me!

  60. Linda Neely says:

    I am very interested in your designs. Would like to see what others you have.

  61. Christine lefont says:

    I have 23 acres near Myrtle beach. Love to do som on my land

  62. Connie says:

    Interested in it for Oregon, US

  63. Sara says:

    Henderson NC, in the USA would love to have more information on when you will be able to get plans and build… please keep me posted, and updated.

  64. Sheri says:

    Interested for Vancouver Island, BC coast

  65. Susan Anderson says:

    I am interested- please keep me posted

  66. Lisa says:

    In Ontario Canada, ????

  67. Shirley says:


  68. Pete Popoff says:

    Please keep me posted. Really like this cabin.

  69. Caity Barton says:

    Please keep me posted!

  70. Quentin & Carol Hendry says:

    We have 5 acres near Ocala, Florida and would be interested in any models you have in the U.S.A

  71. david says:

    Interested in info

  72. TBoo says:

    Love this design. When will you be building in the U.S.?

  73. Betsy says:

    Beautiful! We are very interested for Northern California mountain vacation home. Our property overlooks a meadow and historic barn. Would be ready to build either October 2018 or spring 2018.

  74. marco dossena says:

    Wish you were active in Italy, as well !!

  75. Erin says:

    Need one asap! Please!

  76. Ruth Wright says:

    LOVE THIS, very interested in this for construction in the US

  77. Kris Curtis says:

    I don’t know where I would build yet but am very interested
    thank you

  78. Becky Sanders says:

    I love the openness and light of this design. I would like to know more about your product.

  79. Karen Rose says:

    Very interested in turn-key designs right now for Northern NJ…what is your stateside production status?

  80. Jena says:

    I am interested in your design.

  81. Hennie says:

    Can you send me more information, please? Thanks!

  82. Raul Rodarte says:

    I am interested on the updates and also to look at different models

  83. Roger Huff says:

    Keep me updated. Interested

  84. Debra Dumford says:

    $160. Sf…is not $77,000. To build the house shown?????

  85. urtizberea says:

    Very interested. But
    1.troubles with… the math price! Teaser says “home is approx. $62psf based on this post at $70k a 1162sqf house is $61 The listing for future deliveries is at $160psf? That takes us to $186k… ???
    2. Would you deliver to Saint Pierre et Miquelon?
    3. Some more details on insulation?

  86. Lucy Lence says:

    Beautiful home, would love more information on when your building in the US anf would love to see more designs.

  87. J Carson says:

    What are “remade modular parts? What are the building standards used for compliance? Once these homes are assembled, can they be disassembled or move to another site? We have land and need a home that could be moved or easily removed after approx. 25 years usage.

  88. Tom & Alice Dillabough says:

    Love the design, and would love one insulated for Northern Canada

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