This School Bus Was Transformed Into An Amazing Home

A bus may not seem like the first option for what people call home. But this next transformation shows you that an ordinary old school bus can look great as a nice house on wheels! With a superb interior design like the one you can see in the pictures, it’s definitely one example of great use of space. After you see what it offers, you might classify it like a tiny home. It has a lounging area behind the wheel and main entrance, a portable air conditioner and dehumidifier, a neat kitchen area and the tub is right next to the sink so the plumbing is all in one place! Right across, hidden behind a curtain, you can find the toilet. There are sleeping arrangements in the back, with extra storage space under the bed and a kid’s bed right next to it. Hard work is involved in a transformation like this, but the results are superb! Have a virtual tour and see for yourself.

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