This Smart Forest City in Mexico Will be 100% Energy Self Sufficient

Since the Earth’s climate is in an accelerated change and the overall temperatures are rising from year to year, finding a long-term solution for the climate crisis is of utmost urgency. Decades of pollution and ignorance have brought humanity close to a point of no turning back, but there is still a bit of time left to reverse the damage done.
Even if slowly, people can still make a difference if they take attitude now an Italian architecture firm is a great example in this case.
Milano-based architecture company, called Stefano Boeri Architetti came up with an amazing design for a self-sustaining city that won’t harm the environment.
Their concept will be built on a 557-hectare land that used to be part of a hotel in Cancun, Mexico. The plan is to cover the entire area with forests and create a city that produces everything it consumes, from clean energy to food.
The company’s design was created to host 130,000 residents and 7,5000,000 plants of 400 different species. The plan is to solar power the entire city with the help of Transsolar, a German company, and eliminate cars from the city limits.

The Smart Forest City in Cancun is still in the planning and designing stage, but if put into practice it can be a great example for other cities and can lead the way for sustainable designs and innovation hubs.


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