This Transforming Desk-Bar Lets Him To Work Hard And Play Hard

If you live in a small apartment and space is a luxury that you can’t afford, you should get creative! Search for pieces of furniture that help you gain some extra space and are also highly functional. Such is this next folding table that will help you split your room into an office and a recreational area. The table is large enough to be used as an office desk and it can fold into a really cool bar so you can invite your friends over. It was designed by Jonathan Odom from San Francisco, who works at Instructables Design Studio and the product is called Transforming Desk-bar. It is a really cool item, as it lets you transform your home and use one room for more purposes. To learn more about Jonathan Odom and the Transforming Desk-bar, visit the link below.



A full bar hides at the back of the desk


Transforming Bar Desk step by step tutorial here…

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