The Timber Craftsmanship On This Off-Grid Tiny Home Is Its Aesthetic USP

The craftsmanship displayed in the construction of the Vigia by Portugal-based Madeiguincho is a testament to the family’s exceptional skills in wood and timber craftsmanship. Founded by a family of carpenters, Madeiguincho has created a unique off-grid tiny home that not only reflects their expertise but also stands out in terms of aesthetics. The Vigia, meaning “Lookout” in Portuguese, is a 23-foot-long home built on a double-axle trailer. The entire structure, both inside and out, is adorned with exquisite wood finishes, showcasing the mastery of the artisans in creating a warm and inviting living space. The interior of the Vigia is bathed in natural light, thanks to an abundance of glazing strategically incorporated into the design. Wood shutters are thoughtfully installed to provide control over the amount of light entering the living space.

The central area of the home features a well-equipped kitchen with custom cabinetry, an electric cooktop, and a sink. Connected to the kitchen is a cozy living room, complete with an L-shaped sofa, a wood-burning stove, decorative windows, and ample storage space. The bathroom, situated opposite the living room, boasts a composting toilet, sink, and shower, with the added convenience of a secondary entrance accessible from the outside. The Vigia’s bedroom is a loft space accessible by a fixed ladder, featuring a double bed and the characteristic low ceiling commonly found in tiny homes. The home’s ability to function off-grid is made possible by a solar panel array on the roof, connected to a battery system, along with installed water tanks, making it a sustainable and self-sufficient living space. Ultimately, Vigia’s USP lies in the specialized and stunning timber craftsmanship, elevating it above typical tiny homes and placing it at the forefront of aesthetics and design.

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