For the first time, wind power eclipsed both coal and nuclear in the U.S.

In a historic premier, wind power managed to break a new record recently in the United States. On March 29, 2022, more electricity was produced in the country from wind power than from other sources, such as nuclear and coal.
The information was shared by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and it is a glimpse of hope in the grim situation of global warming.

This is the first time that wind power managed to surpass both coal and nuclear on the same day, but natural gas still remains the main source of power generation in the country. This increase in wind power can be explained by the fact that nuclear and coal generation decreased in the fall and spring.
This is a good start, but there is still much to do to switch to more renewable energy sources, and the success of wind power might be short-lived. Nuclear, coal, and gas are still the most practical power generation sources and the ones that are widely available to the entire population.

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