Tiny Adventure Home: A couple wants to bring their passion for adventure with them wherever they travel

Tiny homes can be a cozy and budget-friendly alternative for those who like a bit of adventure in their life and are willing to give up on the idea of having a large house or apartment. But tiny homes can also be very chic, if you have a keen eye for design or a good imagination. Just take the example of this couple who own the Tiny Adventure Home by Tiny Heirloom a 28 feet long house and has an awesome climbing wall on its exterior. The couple loves to hike, so this outdoor area/wall is the perfect way to keep their hobby alive and still enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep inside the stylish house. The interior features a dining room big enough for 6 people, a loft area, a kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom and a bedroom on top of this all. Seems like this space is more than enough for a young couple and if you’re still not convinced, let the pictures speak for themselves!



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