Tiny Hall House


This elegantly decorated tiny house is truly amazing. It is called the Tiny Hall House and can be found in Massachusetts. The house was built in order to accommodate 3 people and has a size of 160 square feet. Since it is a tiny house, it follows a classic model by being having been constructed on wheels which allow the owners to move easily. The interior is characterized by soft lines and warm colors, creating a welcoming living area. The main space was split into 2 parts, separating the living room from the upstairs bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom are cleverly incorporated into the main space, but the bathroom is separated in a small and intimate corner. The owners managed to create lots of creative storage units, such as the ones located under the stairs that lead to the bedroom. So as you can see, with a bit of imagination and work a tiny house can be just as warm and welcoming as an apartment or villa.









6 Responses to “Tiny Hall House”

  1. Krisann Preston says:

    Where can I purchase the ceiling fan? Its lovely

  2. jeneane says:

    Love those dormers windows! Makes so much more space!

  3. Joseph R Orear says:

    Love more information on tiny houses please!

  4. suez says:

    So what’s the story on the utilities? Power source for appliances, heating, cooking; how does the toilet and bath/shower work? Details!

    • suez says:

      Found more info here: tinyhallhouse.tumblr.com/. Yes, it’s a cute little house; it would be great as a guest house next to a “real” house. Living there on a daily basis would not be much fun when you think about the realities of daily life. Making the bed requires hanging off a ladder, according to the article. This is about making some kind of statement I guess. A house like this would also be unacceptable in an area that experiences tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes. As someone who has spent time sheltering in basements during severe weather – no way would this be safe.

  5. Janet says:

    I love tiny houses and would love to own one myself. I love the look of this one!

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