Tiny House Designed To Function “Off the Grid” For Electrical Energy And Water


The Tiny House, was built during of a summer camp at the Key School… Innovative, eco-friendly and “off the grid” tiny house. Innovation makes itself noticed almost every week. But when you’re in the home design business, it seems this area has more examples to showcase. This tiny house on wheels is just the perfect example. Creativity is abundant both outside, where the eco-friendly residence looks just like any other old home, as well as on the inside, where a minimalistic design was mixed with modern furniture and decor to make a comfortable living environment. The definition of the house might be „tiny” but the fact that is it’s quite spacious, including a modern kitchen with plenty of facilities. Some tricks have helped in a spacious tiny home, tricks like having the bed underneath the office area, ready to be pulled out when the sun goes down. Take a look at the photos to convince yourself that this tiny house on wheels screams creativity in terms of home design.

– 210-square-foot
– designed to function “off the grid” for electrical energy and water.











To produce the unique project, SustainaFest, a Maryland nonprofit organization, partnered with various residential construction industry firms including American Cedar & Millwork, M&F Builders, Stanley Black & Decker, Standard Solar, Annapolis Painting Services and SKA Studios — Steven Kahle Architects, Inc. Plus they partnered with other nonprofit groups or organizations, among them the Connected Warrior Foundation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Mountainfilm, Living Classrooms Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (capitalgazette.com)

5 Responses to “Tiny House Designed To Function “Off the Grid” For Electrical Energy And Water”

  1. David says:

    This house is commercially available – it is the ‘Minim’ house. (see http://minimhomes.com/ ) Is there any reason they are not credited in the article? Plenty of other companies seem to be mentioned (eg: Black & Decker).

  2. Rassd71 says:

    There are some very nice features in this unit, although a lot of storage was sacrificed to give it an ‘airy feel’ and it feels more like a designer model than something that would actually be lived in. I don’t see any cook surface or are they just not seen in the pics?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love that the tiny house movement is gaining steam, but we need to showcase homes that can be lived in.

    • Szarka says:

      Re: cooktops, have you seen the portable induction burners that can be popped in a drawer? That’s the way I’d go for safety and flexibility.

      I really like the openness of this design – it shows that popular activities that require space (yoga, anything requiring a big table) can be done in a tiny residence. Using a projection screen as a window covering is brilliant!

      I also like that no ladders are required – many tiny designs wouldn’t be kind to someone being ill in the middle of the night.

  3. Chris says:

    Cute. I just wish more mini houses were family friendly. The one bed does look like kind of an after thought.

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