Tiny Houses That Can Be Customized And Built To Your Liking


A new couple will always have in their life plans at some point a dream home. More than often, financial realities don’t really add up to what you plan. But a tiny home could be the answer! Called Wind River Bungalow, the 204 square feet you see in the pictures is the result of a couple’s custom design. The Tennessee based micro home looks exactly like a regular house from the outside, but without the stress of mortgage and too much space than you actually need. The interior is very welcoming, due to the hand-picked decorations and personal belongings (books, photos) that the young couple brought in. The kitchen is fitted with all you would want, including overhanging jars. The bedroom upstairs can also double as a practical reading nook, due to the small bookshelf and wall light. Check out the photos and let yourself impressed by the entire style. With a lovely small deck on the front side, you can easily mistake the tiny house with a regular dream home… (20 photos)










5 Responses to “Tiny Houses That Can Be Customized And Built To Your Liking”

  1. Theresa says:

    “Mere Christianity” as one of your book choices–a classic!

  2. debby goforth says:

    Where can I walk through the inside of one of these in Oregon?

  3. Lori says:

    Does anyone know what is in the bucket next to the toilet? Is that a toilet with regular plumbing or a different type?

  4. Maddie says:

    It is a composting toilet. Thst bucket is holding the material to compost the waste.

  5. Donna Ingram says:

    It’s a composting toilet, that is sawdust more than likely.

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