Tiny Off-Grid Rustic Log Cabin


Exploring nature and all of it can offer to a curious and adventurous mind, can take a toll on the stamina of even the most fit of persons. So if you like to be close to the natural environment, we suggest taking a look at this impressively simple log cabin with a rustic design. Located in Spurger, Texas, the 384 square feet camp house is surrounded by forest trees and lots of beautiful wildlife. With fishing facilities nearby, your short vacation can have all that it needs to be put in your favorite memories album. The modern facilities of the cabin are quite modest. It has electricity and is fitted with an air conditioning unit but it has no running water and the toilet is located in an outhouse. But you don’t choose a natural environment for the modern facilities. The cabin is still cozy for any inhabitants and also provides a covered porch and a fun fire pit in the 2 acres of unrestricted free space.












9 Responses to “Tiny Off-Grid Rustic Log Cabin”

  1. panobuz says:

    Like many of your posts, I don’t see solar panels or wind mill. I do see however something that looks like an AC unit in the window and other things that might require electricity. I assume you do know Off grid living means not being connected to the grid in any way.

    • panocea says:

      yes if you read the one-paragraph article, it says it has electricity and a window AC unit. I agree that’s not offgrid.

  2. Mjpare says:

    Yeah really cute but I’m over the out house thing. I would have to have plumbing. I would like to see the loft too. Actually I’d like more inside photos.

  3. Antoinette says:

    Why doesn’t the house have water tanks to catch rainwater off of the roof?

  4. Michelle W. says:

    I absolutely love it!

    I do not understand the above comments. “tiny” “off grid” “RUSTIC” pretty much explains it folks, find your stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops somewhere else.

  5. Teresa says:

    Please email me location and more info. please

  6. Rick jones says:

    Didn’t Jeds kin folk say “jed…get up and move away from there! ?”

  7. Shirley Winfield says:

    I love the house and the environment is it for sale and how much

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