Tiny Studio Apartment By WCH Interior


Who says you can’t really enjoy a good living in a tiny studio apartment clearly didn’t encounter a good interior design concept. The work done by WCH Interior shows you that a small space is actually all you really need. With limited space, not only can you have all of the facilities a 2 room residence offers, but also have it while still preserving an elegant ambiance. The neat design centers on the clever use of space, doubled by different size pieces of furniture, like the podium on which the sofa lies.


Also, a few visual tricks were used, so the inhabitant doesn’t feel a sense of clutter. One such trick is positioning all of the large furniture (the bed and couch) below the eye level. The lack of handles on closets and dressers, along side a continuous line of design from the wall wooden panels to the floor is soothing to the idea of space in a restricted area. The neatness of the interior design is underlined as well by the use of white marble on different surfaces and countertops, so the light reflected off them will bring forth more cleanliness.



The kitchen area is very intelligent blended with the rest of the room (appliances in the wall, dishes tucked away inside the counter) making the transition from the office area to the cooking space hardly noticeable. With few but importantly placed light fixtures, this design is one to bookmark for future projects.







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  1. Martin Jarmulowicz says:

    all this pleasing design and you still use a 80’s wall phone?

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