Tiny Studio Apartment with Perfect Interior Design Ideas


A small apartment doesn’t give you a cozy feeling until it has a good design that inspires the idea of space. Let’s take a look over this modern small studio apartment, approximately 21 sq meters, which has a perfect plan of interior design. As you can see, the bed is hanged at the corner, above the sofa, saving space in this way. The shower cabin and the toilet take place at left and right of entrance area. There are a kitchenette and a wardrobe for storage. You can have lunch in dining area that takes place in bay window corner. The red elements and the spacious living room introduce you in a good mood with perfect feelings of relaxation.

Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-1 Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-2 Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-3 Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-4 Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-5 Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-6 Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-7 Tiny-studio-apartment-design-ideas-8

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  1. Lenny says:

    Where do they keep their clothes?

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