The Tiny Tack House


“It’s not the size of the ship. It’s the motion of the ocean.”. The same advice goes with building your dream house, as well. Instead of expanding on a huge area, investing all of your life savings and pinning yourself to one place for the rest of your life, opt for the home you’ve been dreaming for ages. If you’re not yet certain on how it will look, draw some inspiration from the Tiny Tack House. With less than 20.000 $ you could live in a modern, cute, and stylish residence and also see the world, as you slowly move with your house to those great mountainous sights in the winter and seaside sandy shores in the summer.


Built on a trailer frame, with reclaimed wood and a great sense of the environment, the 140 square feet home makes good use of design to minimize the lack of big areas of space. With ten windows and a large skylight the tiny house opens up and lets much natural light to come in. The `green` concept is embraced with the big solar panels for electricity, propane tank for cooking, and an eco-friendly shower and toilet. The true art of this design can be seen at the high level of storage it stores. Shelves are ingeniously incorporated to the wooden walls and the space is much appreciated, with a kitchen ceiling that doubles as a bedroom floor and a table that can be reclined at any time. This is one house you will surely take in consideration when you build your own dream home.



















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7 Responses to “The Tiny Tack House”

  1. Educate2Day says:

    Not as a permanent residence, but that would be the perfect, ideal getaway/hideaway!

  2. Karin says:

    Love everything about it!! Love that you even showed the bathroom would love it!!

  3. Grace@Green Global Travel says:

    I must say I’m enjoying the apparent trend for tiny houses 🙂 One of these would be a perfect writing hideaway!

  4. Grace@Green Global Travel says:

    Lovely! One of these little places would make a perfect writing den.

  5. Sophie says:

    So cosy! The shower definitely is the icing on the cake, such a cool idea.

  6. Emily says:

    This is an amazing little house! I would happily move in tomorrow.

  7. byron miller says:

    that is an awesome small home! very well done!

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