Tissue Box Is Ingeniously Designed To Look Like a Floating Iceberg

Who said everyday objects don’t deserve an exquisite re-design? The regular tissue box was transformed most cleverly by Japanese artist, Michuru, and it now looks like a floating iceberg with the tissue being the ice block.
Michuru has gathered a fanbase on Twitter by reimagining basic objects into new ones with a twist and the use of optical illusions. The tissue box is a translucent blue box, mimicking the arctic ice and the tissues inside have been easily transformed into an iceberg.
To complete the picture, a small polar bear was placed on the side of the box, glancing at the tip of the iceberg. Some even view this design as a metaphor for global warming, saying that once the tissues run out the polar bear will meet its end.
The translucent box also has a very practical aspect compared to other tissue boxes, as you can see when you run out of tissues, and it is time for a refill.

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