Tow Mater Chair


A chair could be not just a chair but also a playful cartoon character. This project will show you exactly how to make a chair in the shape of Tow Mater from the popular animation movie Cars.That’s a nice surprise for your kid. Here are some exemple to complete the project. Good luck!

The instructions are pretty clear, especially if you have experience of working with wood and building small pieces of furniture. When finishing the full set of building instructions, just paint it according to the color scheme provided in the photos. Afterward, put some wheels (just for design, they don’t need to be functioning wheels) on each side of the chair and decorate with the towing hook. It looks wonderful! Your kid will want to sit on it for hours on and hours on end. Not exactly what you’d expect when thinking about a toy, but it works well for both of you.



1. Pallet Adirondack Chair –  by Jkratman

2. How to Build a Super Easy Little Adirondack Chair by Ana White

19 Responses to “Tow Mater Chair”

  1. Elaine says:

    Where are the instructions??

  2. misty says:

    Where all the bullets are

  3. jackie says:

    Were are INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE I like to make the chair

  4. Chad Downton says:

    Instructions please, I would like to make one for my son.

    thank you

  5. Chad says:

    Instructions please would like to make one for my son.

  6. Deb says:

    Could you please get me the directions I would like to make my grandson a chair. Thank you, Deb

  7. Mike Nowakowski says:

    HI… same as everyone else….WHERE’S THE INSTRUCTIONS ? ? ? I can do a lot of guessing BUT would rather not.
    Thanks, Mike

  8. Mike Nowakowski says:

    Secondly…. If I have to purchase them,just tell me where.

  9. Stephanie Vespasian says:

    Hi!! Could you please email me some instructions please?? Thanks!!!

  10. Andy349 says:

    Instructions please you can email if would like


  11. Terry McCutcheon says:

    Hi I’m impressed with the look of your chair where can I get the instructions, I like others can guess at the sizes but it wont turn out the same.

  12. Connie says:

    Where can I get the instructions.

  13. Mobydec says:

    Thats a great chair! I think the pictures speak for themselves, there is little need instructions, good job!

  14. Jordan says:

    Did anyone get instructions? I would like some please.

  15. maryulth says:

    que feo osea

  16. Harley Figge says:

    My guess is that they haven’t included the instructions because they are trying to sell these themselves.

  17. Rose Rosema says:

    Where can I get the instructions on sizes etc for the mater chair for kids?

  18. Mrs. Jamie A. says:

    Can I step by step instructions for this, please? Measurements for the wood? Types of screws? Tools required? Thanks!

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