Toyota Pick Up Camper


Moving from place to place, from one destination to another on your vacation trips can be exhausting, especially if you drive to all of these places yourself. A good option for this kind of situations is a camper. But not so many people afford a brand new camper. That’s why we’re suggesting you make a simple yet effective one for yourself. This 1986 Toyota Pick Up truck was custom made into a beautiful camper. You too can easily transform your truck into a camper if you take this DIY project as inspiration. The design on this camper is simply superb. The feeling of space is enhanced and achieved with the hexagon frame structure; a simple box wouldn’t have succeeded in a similar result. All is done with wooden panels and the finished camper is superb. Enough space for sleeping arrangements as well as lots of storage and room for making food and keeping your little dog friend from outside over the night. All your adventures can now begin!








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