Traditional Cottage Design


This next house is for those of you who love traditional designs. The house can be found in France and it was built for a couple, who wished for a comfortable and cozy living space. The house was built in the classic style, resembling a wooden cottage and has a spacious porch. The small windows complete the design in a beautiful and fairytale-like way and if you go close enough you can observe the amazing interior. The wood motive from the outside continues in the interior as the hardwood floors and massive wooden furniture recreate the traditional look inside as well. The home has a really antique feel and brings a classical air in modern life and it is comprised of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom in between. The big balcony will become part of the living room on warm days.. Take a look at the beautiful pictures and just imagine how relaxing it would be to live in such a beautiful house.







A small house in France built by Kees Hoekstra...


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