Triangular House in the North of Holland by Baksvan Wengerden

Slightly unusual, this triangular brick house, located in a villa park village in North of Holland, has been completed a couple of months ago, by the Dutch architectural firm, Baksvan Wengerden which was commissioned to renovate and enlarge a single-family house. Their “mission” was to restore the SH House, a 1932 building, by enlarging the living space and making it more comfortable. Due to the houses’s authentic robust look, the architects decided to use concrete, in order to blend into the same rugged and bold architectural style.

“BaksvanWengerden developed a design which maximises the sense of generosity through out the house. The open plan ground floor extends into the lush garden. Like a backbone, the new staircase binds all the functions within the house. The extension manifests itself simultaneously as a connecting as well as a contrasting entity. Its abstract materialisation and detailling emphasizes this ambiguity.”

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