Tricycle Made Out Of Baby Diapers


People find it hard to make a suitable gift for a baby at a baby shower. The party where it’s actually more about the parents than the kid, you have to bring things that will make the job of the mom and dad a lot easier, especially if it’s their first child. So, blend the practical aspect with the creative part in gifting this cute tricycle made out of diapers and other baby-related stuff. Here is what you need:

• a bunch of diapers (size 1);
• a pair of blue receiving blankets;
• blue baby socks;
• two blue bibs;
• a small baby bottle;
• some blue ribbon;
• rubber bands;
• a cake pan;
• tape;


Use a regular 8 inch pan to form the wheel-like shape of the diapers. Take about 20 diapers to fashion each tire. You do this by adding just one diaper at a time, overlapping each other about an inch. Tuck the diapers from beginning, once you come around, toward the center, in order to position the remaining diapers on the outside.

Remove the diaper wheel, gently, carefully, out of the pan. Place a rubber band around the wheel while it slowly comes out, to secure it from falling apart. Continue to pull them and as carefully center the rubber band on the diapers, making sure they are evened out. Also, make a circle in the middle of each tire with your hand or fist. Wrap the blue ribbon after this, over the rubber bands from earlier. Use tape to secure it, every couple of diapers….. for more detalis follow the link below…

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