Turn a Guitar Into a Ceiling Light Fixture

Making a good decor implies using ordinary items in an extraordinary fashion. The company Vibe Design does exactly that but with a creative touch. The manufacturer of furniture and light fixtures transform recovered music instruments and related accesories into impressive pieces of decorations. There are all sorts of amazing projects done by this company. Like turning a guitar into a ceiling light fixture! Check out all of their work in the link below. Also this can be a great DIY project. Turn an old guitar into a ceiling light fixture. Of course, you will probably feel sorry for wasting a guitar on this, but choose one that is already broken and give it a new purpose. There are lots of other things that can be turned into a light fixture for your ceiling, but the guitar will just look spectacular. Just empty the inside of the guitar, make rounded holes for the light bulbs and install in on your ceiling where the wiring from your old light used to be. What do you think?

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