Turn Old Pallets Into A Chicken Coop


Making a chicken house by using recycled building materials is a handy and recommended technique. The workload isn’t very different from a conventional structure, but you will save plenty of money on the materials. Check out this project from Lone Grove, Oklahoma, which used 3 wood pallets together in order to make a 42 by 126 inches floor. Follow the instructions from the tutorial and you should have no problems building a similar structure. Now, your chickens have a brand new home with little money and you can focus on something else in your household.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 3 wood pallets – a ‘floor’ 42 inches wide by 126 inches long (each pallet is exactly 42″ square)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This view is looking at the backside, you can see the 4 nests I’ve placed in the closest end.  In the far end will be the roosting area.



“Bought 4 sheets of 1/2 inch CDX plywood from McCoy’s @ $10.99 sheet, working now to get the sides covered.   I’m pretty much cutting the 4X8 sheets of plywood in half, making 4 ft by 4 ft squares. This view is of the nesting area.” By Butch Bridges

8 Responses to “Turn Old Pallets Into A Chicken Coop”

  1. Doris Ledet says:

    I love this design! Is there anyway to get more detailed instructions on how to put this together?

  2. Virginia Fiedler says:

    Love this idea ! Was trying to explain something along these lines to my son and husband. Would love the step by step instructions. Please

  3. Jen says:

    ok so that looks terribly unstable. The legs aren’t braced. It’s a great base for an idea but please don’t build this people. It WILL knock over very easily unless you brace those legs!!

  4. Jason Dean says:

    If you can ,can you send me the instructions and what I need to built me a chicken house.my is old and about to fell in.Thank you! 80 DeepWoods Rd,McKenzie, Alabama 36456.

  5. Lance Krive says:

    Can I get some detailed instructions on how to make this? It is perfect for our needs. Thanks!!

  6. Heather Harshbarger says:

    Any chance to have instructions posted along with these photos?? Thank you!

  7. susan jenny says:

    would love step by step instructions Please~ & Thanks

  8. Brenda says:

    Details on oklahomahistory.net Chicken coop project was the title

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