Two Retired Ladies Live Their Dreams In These Cozy Forest Homes

Do you ever dream about moving to a quiet place in the woods once you retire? If the noise of the city is too much for you and all you wish for is to have peace of mind in your old days, then you are going to love this story.
Two Japanese ladies, who were feeling worn out by years of hard work, have opened an amazing private retirement home in Shizuoka, close to Mount Fiji. The fairy-tale-like residences have been designed by Issei Suma, a Tokyo-based architect, for his mother and her friend, as they first thought of the place as a retirement home for themselves.
The five, small hut-like homes, are called “Jikka” which means parent’s house and they are all connected. The idea of these homes came after both women have been working in the retirement sector and started to worry about what the future will bring. Since they both had the same concerns, they thought that the best idea would be to retire together somewhere, so their families could take care of them together.


This is how the idea of these beautiful retirement homes came into being, and they later added a catering service too. The interior of the home is as stunning as the outdoors, as it features a large dining area, a kitchen that also serves as a restaurant as it is open to the public and the fully equipped living areas.
The home was carefully designed to fit the needs of the elderly, as it is stair-free and has wheelchair access all over the place. The high ceilings create the feeling of an airy and well-lit space, with plenty of natural light. To learn more about this amazing retirement home, watch the video presentation.

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    Can these homes survive cold north America and the winds

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