Ultra-Efficient Energy Positive Solar Decathlon House


There is lot of talk about alternative homes, but people don’t actually understand the mechanics behind them. That is why specialists, architects, engineers and designers alike, from everywhere around the world should offer only the most efficient alternative houses technology allows! This is the case of the Ultra-Efficient Energy Positive Solar House. The result of a collaboration that brought together almost 100 people from the School of Art and Design, the School of Science and Technology and the School of Economics at Aalto University, is simply impressive. Dubbed Luukku, the solar house is inspired by traditional Finnish architecture and is suited for cold climates with little access to the Sun. The structure, insulation, cladding, interior floor, wall and ceiling finishes were made using timber extensively. The Luukku house has thick and tight insulation as well as quadruple-glazed frameless units fixed on the frame for windows in order to achieve a highly efficient insulation and a low environmental footprint overall. Make sure to check out the floor plans as well!





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