Unique Door Designs by Victor Klassen

“A door is a face—it is the first hint of what lies behind it”. Victor Klassen is the artist who can guarantee that your guests will be impressed when they call and will knock on your door. The quality of the work, the mastery and artistry, is also, guaranteed that door will be resistance and spectacular.
According to the official description provided by OP Victor Klassen, “The artist culled inspirations from […] geometry, the natural world and the human form, and wielded them to elevate the quotidian door to the status of breathtaking art.”
It’s good to know that these doors are made only to order, they are not found in stores.

Door with Custom Sidelights

“The swirling pattern leads the eye around the curving shapes while letting in an abundance of light. The Chaos style solid bottom frame grounds the creation and adds a third dimension.”

Kidney Door
Chaotic French Doors

“These doors feature clean lines in delicate frames, which give this contemporary piece a serene and ethereal air. The distinctive chaos detail is subtle and restrained, giving just a light flutter of elegant embellishment.”

2 Responses to “Unique Door Designs by Victor Klassen”

  1. Lucas says:

    Some very interesting designs although some of them may be an acquired taste. I can see how they would let natural sunlight in and how nice that would look. What about security though? They make look amazing but do you know what the security features are like? The glass and the expanse of it may give a thief the opportunity to get a look into the home. They sometimes even map a route out. It all depends however, on the lock and the alarm systems.

  2. Chris Balch says:

    Absolutely amazingly beautiful work. As a builder of small boats I am always impressed by the beauty others create. To h*ll with security- use these as doors and shoot any thieves. Too often we live our lives securely and without beauty because of what “might” happen. Live free and fearlessly people – it’s good for the soul. So is looking at these doors!

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