Unique Natural Bathtub


If you want a unique and special bathtub, then you should definitely choose to buy one from Stone Forest, where the designers can turn stone into amazing bathtubs. These bathtubs look really natural and will blend in perfectly if your bathroom is decorated with earthy colors. Plus these bathtubs are all unique and one of a kind, so they will make you feel even more special. The designers use a special technique to carve the stones until they reach the desired form, from oval to rectangular shapes. You can also choose between a variety of materials such as granite and marble and let the guys from Stone Forest just simply amaze you. In case you have a rustic bathroom, these tubs will blend in perfectly. If we made you curious, you should contact the designers from Stone Forest and ask for a personalized offer.

3 Responses to “Unique Natural Bathtub”

  1. lenie says:

    Nice,wish I can have one

  2. James Brazie says:

    I have many rocks that size and a lot larger! Now I know what to do with them!

  3. Kat Roberts says:

    I have a few rock that big. May try to make us one.

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