Unique Wooden Bathtubs Design


Nothing spells tradition like a wooden bathtub. With modern carved stones monopoly on bathrooms, there is not much you can do to give yours a more traditional yet contemporary feeling. The classic minimalistic concept can be achieved with wooden bathtubs, like Unique Wood Design shows in these unique projects. With a tradition in wood work of more than 30 years behind them, the company’s designers have acquired a keen eye for blending wooden tubs with every décor of a room.


Whether the bathroom has a romantic design, whether it is engulfed in hard stone panels, wooden bathtubs can be an elegant touch to the ambience. You can choose the robust rectangular shape or the more pleasing curved model. Their design is quite simple and each of them is highly comfortable, as this is the constant aim of Unique Wood Design. The company has applied boat-building skills and techniques (like multilayer coating) to the wooden bathtubs in order to provide the waterproof characteristic and mechanical utility as well.






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