Out of the Valley Clads Prefabricated Forest Sauna in Charred Wood

Out of the Valley, an innovative architecture studio, has unveiled its first prefabricated sauna named Forest Sauna in Devon, England. The sauna is designed to promote the Scandinavian tradition of sauna bathing and offers a retreat in the heart of nature. Elevated on metal supports and clad in charred black larch using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, the six-square-meter Forest Sauna integrates seamlessly into its surroundings. The prefabricated structure features a large square window framing views of the adjacent forest, emphasizing a connection with nature.

Founder Rupert McKelvie and his team at Out of the Valley crafted the Forest Sauna with a simple timber structure, clad in planks of charred larch. Inside, the sauna is lined with thermo alder wood, a popular choice for saunas, creating a calming atmosphere. The glass door provides easy access, and the interior includes two wooden benches flanking a central heater, which customers can choose to be either wood-fired or electric. The sauna’s portability is a key feature, allowing owners to relocate it easily, aligning with the studio’s commitment to adaptability and a harmonious integration with the landscape.

Out of the Valley’s Forest Sauna joins a collection of handmade cabins and shelters from the studio, each contributing to the ethos of embracing nature and escaping the demands of contemporary living. With Forest Sauna, Out of the Valley not only brings the Scandinavian tradition to the UK but also introduces a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, offering a tranquil space for relaxation immersed in the beauty of the natural environment.

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