How to Make Veggie Spiral


The life of a vegetarian is much harder because there isn’t a whole array of dishes to their liking. That’s why when you come across a creative adaptation of a recipe you are keen on trying it right away. Here is how to make a tasty veggie spiral. The necessary ingredients are:

• two russet potatoes;
• a zucchini;
• a yellow squash;
• three large Roma tomatoes;
• a couple tablespoons of olive oil;
• a large sweet yellow onion;
• two cloves of garlic;
• half a cup of grated Parmesan cheese;
• some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper;
• dried thyme, for taste;


more details here…



  • The mix: onion, garlic and sauté is a bit confusing for me to understand how to make it. Would you be kind and maybe make this recipe on youtube? and also post the link
    Thanks for great recipe anyway

  • Here’s the link to the actual recipe complete with full instructions and photos:

  • Kurt A. Pohlkoetter on said:

    This sounds pretty interesting. We just harvested tomatoes, zucchini, onions and cucumbers. Potatoes are waiting ahaead and so do the carrots.

    I’ll try this recipe this afternoon.

    But one comment. It seems to me, you forgot to tell, when and where you put the thyme and salt and pepper. I’ll try it that way, that I mix thyme and some parsley , marjoram etc to the mix of onions and garlic, and put the salt and pepper over all shortly befor the end of baking.

    thx and by

    and … excuse me for my bad and clumsy English – I’m not used speaking nor writing English … I just read some Dick Francis from time to time … 😉

    • Kurt A. Pohlkoetter on said:

      Oh – I just got to know, that to season means to put salt and pepper an d other spices to the food – okay …

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