This Versatile Tiny Camping Trailer for Your EV Fits in a Standard Garage

The Cube 1, a creation of the skilled craftsmen at the German outfit Sportcaravan, is making waves in the camping world with its innovative design and versatile features. Measuring a mere 10.5 feet in length and 5.4 feet in height, this micro-campervan breaks away from conventional norms, offering a compact solution that can easily fit into a standard garage or an underground car park. Weighing around 320 kg, the Cube 1 is not only small enough to be towed by a small car or an electric vehicle but also eliminates the need for a trailer license, making it a hassle-free option for camping enthusiasts.

What sets the Cube 1 apart is its transformative nature, earning it the title of a “transformer among the mini campers.” Initially, it appears as a typical tiny trailer with an 81 x 51-inch double bed. However, it surprises users with an optional rooftop tent that can be pulled out through a campervan-like hatch. This innovative feature not only expands the living space but also allows the trailer to comfortably accommodate up to four people. With a fully insulated interior, the Cube 1 ensures year-round comfort, making it an ideal companion for all-season camping adventures. Equipped with a slide-out shelf, cutting board worktop, and a portable stove, the Cube 1’s kitchen facilities enhance the outdoor cooking experience. With a starting price of €12,900 (approximately $14,000), the Cube 1 offers a customizable adventure, allowing users to add features according to their preferences and needs.


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