Very Cool Way To Separate Egg Yolk


Baking a cake or sweets involves a lot of skills and patience, but it also involves an annoying procedure: separating the egg yolks. If you too have a problem with this step of a baking session, then we have good news for you. There is a quick and easy way to perfectly separate an egg yolk, without getting messy and having to do it over and over again until you succeed. To do this, you will need to large plates, eggs and a plastic bottle. Place the plates near each other and take break an egg into one of the plates. Take the plastic bottle, place it over the egg yolk and gently squeeze the end of the bottle. The egg yolk will be sucked in and you can easily release it on the other plate afterwards, by gently pressing the end of the plastic bottle. This is such a fun and easy procedure, that you will never again have to worry about how to separate egg yolks in a perfect way.


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