Veterinarian Has A ‘Comfort Dog’ That Assists Sick, Scared Pets

Having a pet is such an amazing thing, as the connection between the owner and his/her pet is hard to describe and even harder to understand for someone who never had a pet before.

When your pet gets sick and must be taken to the vet, there is that feeling of failure and helplessness, but also of wanting to comfort them in the best possible way.

But comfort can come in many ways and there is this one veterinarian which came up with a great idea:
***a comfort dog that assists scared pets. This picture of a comfort dog has gone viral recently, as the dog was caught in mission comforting a sick dog in a clinic.

The dog is giving the other one a nudge with his nose and the picture has been melting hearts around the world. Of course, there have been all sorts of theories and background stories circulating on the Internet about this picture, some sad and others full of hope, but the one thing known for sure is that this was a moment of pure cuteness.

Photo: Reddit/Eyebleach

Redditors have been posting all kinds of comments and opinions about the picture.



Photo: Reddit/Eyebleach

There were plenty of other Redditors who were speculating about the lives of the two dogs.

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