Vina’s Tiny House: Living Off The Grid in 140 Square Feet


Tiny houses are simply dreamy, as they are perfect for those who prefer a simple and calm lifestyle. Most of the tiny homes are used as a vacation house, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a tiny house inside of a big city. As lack of space is a big issue nowadays, a tiny home would be more than perfect to live in. The owner of this small house has exactly what he wanted. A small living space with a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. What more could you want? Besides this it is also a very sustainable structure as the home was built in an eco-friendly way. The interior is decorated beautifully, just like a forest cottage and the large doors and windows let in plenty of natural light. The modern and clean look of the house, takes the tiny and cottage house concept to a whole new level, creating something hip and modern with a rustic look. More details at the end of the article..







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