VW Verdier’s Concept: Stylish Solar-Powered Eco Camper


Verdier’s Vehicles have with their retro and stylish designed vans and campers brought the concept of camping to another level. With these uplifting additions to a somewhat unstylish category of vehicles, one can cruise the highways in a designer camper and be rather cool when enjoying the outdoors. But Verdier has not just upgraded a stigmatized vacation vehicle but made these solar powered self-sufficient campers part of, what they themselves explain as: “a new culture with its own rituals”. The founder Alexandre Verdier, who is both a philosopher and an industrial designer, “believes that technology should allow human beings to understand nature and its power”.





Canadian designer Alexandre Verdier has given the cult-classic VW Microbus an eco-overhaul that tastefully updates the iconic breadbox on wheels.


19 Responses to “VW Verdier’s Concept: Stylish Solar-Powered Eco Camper”

  1. magnoluizmarzalek says:

    lindo ver carro coisas legal !!!

  2. Debbi says:

    Great website! I learned a lot!

  3. Sharon Jardine says:

    Is this for real this vw? Is someone producing these as we would like to buy one!
    Let us know.

  4. Gerald Samociuk says:

    This looks like a fabulous concept, Eco friendly and Very stylish. Will these ever be produced in an affordable format?

  5. Steve R says:

    I would buy one here in AU if they were for sale as a matter of fact they would sell like hotcakes at a weight watchers convention

  6. Buffy says:

    Love it! I think all campers and RV’s should have solar panels!!

  7. larry says:

    Think of the pussy I could pound in that VW!

  8. Sharron says:

    Love the concept. However, if they are retrofitting genuine VW buses, how is it that the drawer in the back that is shown holding the folding chairs is in what is normally the engine compartment? Is the entire vehicle solar powered? Is it on a similar storage battery base as the Tesla automobiles? If so, I would definitely be interested in seeing these go into production. Having a solar camping bus in one thing, but to be an entirely solar-powered electric vehicle is just off the charts awesome!

  9. Sunshine says:

    Beautiful but since it has zero clearance I fear that it wouldn’t make it over even the smallest speed bumps. It would be great to see VW bring back the old “Westy” though.

  10. Jane says:


  11. lisa says:

    Are these for sale in the usa?

  12. Alison says:

    price in Canada ?

  13. Cindy says:

    Absolutely my style I would be very interested if they come on the market to buy. Perfect for vacation that is affordable.

  14. D'Arcy says:

    VW needs to get on with this….I’ll buy one.

  15. WyldByrd says:

    Too bad VW shut down the last factory to make them back in 02.


  16. P C Adamson says:

    They are starting to build VW electric vans in Mexico

  17. nora says:

    Prezzo in italia?

  18. Ian says:

    Nice concept but where is the engine placed

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