Wall-Mounted Christmas Tree

Space-saving and minimal design is a big trend when it comes to modern home design, as more and more people are living in small apartments or are looking for a clutter-free lifestyle.
These trends are also taking by storm the holiday season, so if you’re looking to have a clutter-free Christmas you can start by installing a minimal wall-mounted Christmas tree.
A holiday without a Christmas tree can be quite sad, especially in these trying times but trees take up a lot of space and their only function is to sit there and be pretty.
So instead of occupying a lot of space in your tiny room, you can opt for a smart solution and install a wall-mounted tree this year.



An Wall Hanging Christmas Tree and it gives the illusion of a tree that is partially incorporated into the wall. This tree is not only a nice piece of décor, but it also looks very stylish and you can install it over a table or dresser to save as much space as you can. Once installed, you can decorate the tree the same way as you would with a traditional one and even place a cute basket with presents underneath it.

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