Waste Plastic Offcuts Make Up Circular Design Studio’s Facade by Space Available in Bali

Space Available, a pioneering force in the realm of circular design, has unveiled its latest endeavor: a physical studio space and global headquarters nestled in Bali, Indonesia. This launch marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of sustainable design, as the studio continues its mission of repurposing waste materials into innovative solutions across various disciplines. At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to recycling, upcycling, and biodesign, epitomizing the ethos of environmental stewardship. Within the sprawling 500 square meter renovated warehouse, collaboration thrives alongside craftsmanship and ecological innovation. Equipped with state-of-the-art recycling machinery, upcycling stations, and a cutting-edge biodesign lab in partnership with MycoWorks, the studio emerges as a dynamic hub for sustainable creativity. Notably, the studio’s exterior showcases a striking facade crafted from waste plastic offcuts sourced from its own production processes, exemplifying a seamless integration of sustainability into architectural design.

More than a mere workspace, the Circular Design Studio embodies a culture of creativity and community engagement. Beyond its role as the headquarters for Space Available’s design team, the studio serves as a vibrant hub for educational initiatives, including workshops, discussions, and exhibitions, inviting the wider community to partake in the journey towards a more sustainable future. Every aspect of the studio, from its recycled fixtures to its innovative facade, serves as a testament to the transformative power of circular design. With its doors now open, Space Available’s Circular Design Studio stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the profound impact that conscious design practices can have on both the environment and society at large.

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