How to Make a Watermelon Keg


A fresh idea, perfect to a party with friends. Instead of serving the same old selection of beer and wine at your end-of-summer bash, turn a ripe watermelon into a makeshift keg filled with your favorite party beverage or punch. Not only will this be a conversation starter, it’s downright delicious!

Is very simple! Wash the watermelon and gently remove the top. Then scoop out the watermelon flesh. Just like carving a pumpkin—only wetter—scoop out as much flesh as possible with an ice cream scoop or large spoon. Make a hole toward the bottom portion of the watermelon using an apple corer. A hole approximately two to three inches (5 to 7.5cm) from the base of the watermelon is appropriate. Make the keg hole the same size as the spigot line. You will want to fit the spigot snugly into the hole created by the corer, but not so large that a gap is created. Fill the fruit keg with your favorite punch recipe. A punch recipe that infuses watermelon or watermelon flavors would be most desirable, but any punch recipe will work.

4 Responses to “How to Make a Watermelon Keg”

  1. Steven Godfrey says:

    That’s fine and all, but how many people have spigots kicking around their homes?

  2. Martin says:

    you can get them from micromatic you will need a tap and shank and I actually do have a couple of them lying around

  3. Gary says:

    How many people have Watermelons kicking around their homes?

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